Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1 of Being the Person-Inspiration

I am participating in 31 Days of Blogging.  You pick a topic and write a bit on it every day for 31 days.  This explains my lack of recent posting.  I’ve been doing some prep work.  The thought of writing every day straight for 31 days is a bit intimidating.

Thinking on what I wanted to write about for 31 days, a post I wrote last month came to mind-Be the Person.  Lucy shared her brand of quiet wisdom on her homework, “Be the person you want to be.”  It got me thinking about the person I want to be, and the daily choices I make to be that person.

For the next 31 days, you can read all about my journey-31 Days of Being the Person.  This isn’t a beginning or an end.  This is thinking about who I really want to be and putting that into action. 

This isn’t about wanting to have more time to cook and bake, learn to quilt, learn to craft.  Although, I do want to do those things.

This is about those qualities that I want to nurture in myself.  And in 31 days, I probably won’t get to it all.

This isn’t about perfection.  Perfection doesn’t exist, remember?  And this isn’t about the right way of living.  There is no right way.  There is more than one way to live a fulfilled life.  There will be mistakes; there will be struggles.  It’s a given.

There will also be joy. 

Please join me for the next 31 days as I discuss the person I want to be.  Feel free to add your own insights along the way!

A full listing of the 31 Days of Being the Person series:

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Day 11-Post Interrupted

Day 12-Reality

Day 13-Sad Endings

Day 14-Simple Faith

Day 15-Enjoying the Moment

Day 16-Other People

Day 17-Forgiveness

Day 18-Keep Your Head Up

Day 19-I Will Wait

Day 20-Rest

Day 21-Present

Day 22-Quiet Gratitude

Day 23-Tenderness

Day 24-Connection

Day 25-Daydreaming

Day 26-Balance

Day 27-Understood

Day 28-Taking Risks

Day 29-Kindness

Day 30-Compassion

Day 31-At the End at Last


  1. Great idea, maybe I will join you in this endevor and we can be accountable to one another. Yeah... I don't know if I have 31 days of material lol.

    1. I think the key is to be brief. haha


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