Friday, September 21, 2012

This Summer's Doings

I can’t believe this summer is over!  This summer seemed to be a long one.  Maybe because of the hot weather.  The hot weather that started in May.  Maybe because I wasn’t working seven days a week and actually got to enjoy part of it.

I reconnected with family and old friends.  I took care of myself. 

Here’s a recap of my favorite bits of this summer:

Easy meals to eat outside.  That's grilled cheese with avacado, folks.  Yum!

 Beer.  Yes, that look on my face was intentionally weird.

A few days by myself in this place.

Lots of wisdom from this quiet soul.

Pictures of Elwood Wilson.  He’s a decent cat.

Lots of yummy post-run food.

Laughing with family.  I know, I already posted this picture,
but it is one of my favorites.

Laughing with old friends.

My favorite people in my favorite place.

Everyone finding happiness in their peace place.


I hope all of you had a lovely summer! 

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