Monday, July 23, 2012

He seems like a decent cat

My sister is visiting this week.  Elwood Wilson has her fooled.  She said, “He seems like a decent cat.”

This is after he pooped on the rug in the bathroom the first day she was here.  The bathroom that she was going to use.

Obviously she sees the positive.

We could all take a lesson from her.

It’s not personal.  How often have I interpreted someone’s actions as intentionally rude or unkind when it was really a simple misunderstanding?  How often have I overanalyzed someone else’s actions?

Because I need repetition with important messages, I’m going to say this again.  It’s not personal.

Sometimes we need to believe the best in others, despite how we want to interpret their actions.  That’s not easy.  There are certainly people who do have mean intentions. 

Those times when I have turned off my brain and stopped analyzing a situation are incredibly freeing.  It happened, it’s over, time to move on.  People make mistakes.  I make multiple mistakes on a daily basis.

Being forgiving and moving on is so much easier.  I need to remember that the next time I start reeling over a situation.

But as far as Elwood Wilson goes….I do still think that is personal.  This is my sister giving him some love.  My niece’s foot is also in the picture.  He tried to bite my niece after I took the picture.

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  1. That Elwood Wilson. He once at my lilac plant. But he can be super sweet too.


Be kind, not judgey