Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week's Doings

My week of vacation has come to a close.  As we were driving back home yesterday on the final leg of our journey, I commented to Billy about how refreshed I felt.  Quite the change from when I was working seven days a week.  There used to be a certain anxiety about returning to real life.  Now I look forward to it.

Our week was full of family and fun.  My dad helped the girls fish.  Not sure what was going on here but look at Katy’s pose!

My mom caught this beast of a catfish!  It took both her and my dad to get this onto the shore.

This is my dad’s nemesis….the goose.  My parents don’t like geese on their lake.  Once my dad made my mom and I run around the lake with a cow bell, yelling at the geese.  It was embarrassing.  More cow bell!

One of my sisters brought me a new drinking cup.  I love it!  It has a finish line at the bottom!

The grandpa cup also went on vacation.  The grandpa cup doesn’t always hold coffee, as my lovely sister demonstrates.

Actually, we had two grandpa cups with us.  This one was holding coffee.

Nothing says a day on the boat like a fish shirt!

This is the proper way to cool off after a 4 mile run. 

Katy was a little tired after a day on the boat.

I made this feast for my family.  It was pretty amazing.

Doesn’t everyone have this ladder game?  Like those plastic patio chairs?  Does everyone else make inappropriate jokes while playing it?  Or are we the only juveniles who play this game?  Look at my claw hand!  Yikes!

I think this picture sums up my week-hysterical laughter.  Every vacation should include moments like this.  Hysterical laughter makes you feel better.  Helps renew your spirit.

I hope you had a great week with your own moments of hysterical laughter!

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