Monday, July 30, 2012

Sister Runner

Billy and I just wrapped up a week with some of the easiest houseguests in the world.  My sister and her family.  My sister who thinks Elwood Wilson is “a decent cat.”

Seriously, these people know how to vacation and appreciate the true meaning of vacation.  It’s relaxation, in case you didn’t know.  They were gracious enough to entertain our ladies.  My sister grilled for me.  And of course, we went running.

My sister loves to run.  She is quite clear about her motivation for running.  She runs to eat.  I’m not judging-she will tell you that!  Of course, health benefits, etc, etc.  But the fact is, she loves to run.

I run.  But I hate it.  Hate is maybe a strong word.  I certainly don’t love it, though.

What is my motivation?  I suppose it’s health motivated.  I do feel better when I exercise.  I like how many calories I can burn while running as opposed to walking.  I also like to eat.

I have a voice in my head that tells me to run.  A voice that runs with me.  I call it “Sister Runner.”  Let’s just say that it sounds a lot like a certain sister of mine that loves to run.

Before you start getting judgey, I’m sure you all have your own voice that motivates you to exercise.

Sister Runner tells me when to go run.  She tells me that it’s not going to get any cooler so I might as well go now.  Sister Runner likes to tell me how far I should go.  “If you can run 4 miles, you can run 5.”  Sister Runner tells me how fast I should go.  “Your last mile should be your fastest.”

Yeah, Sister Runner is kinda bossy.  She may or may not use phrases that my real sister has used.

Most of all, Sister Runner is very motivating.  She cheers me on when I’m tired or in pain…or both.  She compliments my running attire and fashionable sunglasses from Goodwill.  She talks about food.  Like cake.  And then I feel better about running.  But I still don’t love it.

But I do love cake.  Especially fancy Olympic cake that your niece wants to make.


  1. Yeah, we all have that voice in our heads. I've seen that cake on Pinterest a lot. Was it easy to make?

    1. The cake was time consuming, not necessarily difficult. It is loaded with sugar though!


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