Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stop Running

My sister who loves running, well, I can see her reading the title of this post and cringing.  I don’t think Sister Runner would like this either.  Don’t worry, sister (and Sister Runner), this isn’t what you think it is.

I like to read other blogs.  I like to find inspiration in others.  The other day I read this nugget from Emily Freeman:


How many times do I wake up in the morning, afraid of the day?  Wishing away a certain situation that I have to deal with?  Worried about the outcome?  Already thinking about being home from work and I haven’t even gotten out of bed?

Too many to count.

I know if I ask for grace, I will receive it.

But doubt lingers.

I have referenced before how, at times, I have become paralyzed by fear.  After reading the sentence above, I realized that sometimes fear makes me run.

Instead of having faith, I worry.  I overanalyze.  I have a background chatter in my mind that twists thoughts.  The positive becomes the negative.  A strength becomes a weakness.  I run with the negative.  I run away from the day.

This is one of those situations where I need to remember the bits of wisdom I impart on others.

There is no perfect day.  There is no right way.  Every day I will face situations that I would rather avoid.  Every day I will make mistakes.  Every day I will ask for grace.

And knowing that, can I finally stop running?  Let’s be realistic, probably not.  Then again, the quote is: “Let the day be the day without trying to run away from it.”

So what will I do?

I will wake up thankful to be alive.

I will be thankful to wake up to a loving family.

I will be thankful for a job to go to.

I will be thankful for a job that provides an opportunity to help others.

I will ask for grace.

I will try to stay in place and let the day simply be.

That’s a start.

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