Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 7 of Being the Person-Recharging

This past year has been a weird one in Colorado.  Very mild winter, very hot summer and little precipitation. 

Fall came into full bloom the past couple of days, reminding us that winter is on deck.  The high today was 39 degrees.  It was dark and drizzly. 

 I loved it.

We hung out inside with no agenda (which probably drove my dad a little nutty but he was gracious enough not to mention it).  I made some comfort food for dinner.  Billy started a fire in the fireplace.  Elwood Wilson is doing much better and took a long nap on my mom’s lap.  The girls wore pajamas for dinner. 

I sat in the pink chair covered in a blanket.

I think I have mentioned before that I require significant amounts of down time.  I think a lot of it goes back to my job. 

I’m sure that others are different and thrive on a full schedule.  I used to interpret this as me lacking in some way.

Now I know that it is just who I am.  I feel better prepared to roll through life when I am fully charged. 

I can be brave when I am fully charged.

I am kinder when I am fully charged.

I am more of the person I want to be when I am fully charged.

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