Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 16-Other People

Early on in this series, I mentioned how quickly negatively spreads.  One person starts complaining about their day and suddenly everyone else joins in with their own list of complaints.

Ever wonder what would happen if positivity could spread that quickly?  If kindness could spread that quickly?

I have people in my life who can spread positivity, who can spread kindness that quickly. 

It is a blessing.

I will admit, it seems a bit annoying when you are feeling low and want a good brood.  But what does a good brood do?  And why does it seem like a better option to be alone and sulky?  It certainly doesn’t make me feel any better.

These people who spread joy…they are inspirational.

When I want to complain, they let me get it out and then help me move on so I don’t become obsessed.  Because most of the things in life that cause me grief are just meaningless anyway.  But negativity has a way of making everything seem like a big deal.  It’s really not. 

Do they have perfect lives?  No, of course not.  Because perfection doesn’t exist.  But they value life for what it is…a blessing.  And even in their own troubles, they are willing to lift other people up.  Because they know that lifting up others helps them move on with their own concerns.  Helps them gain new perspective.

Are these other people responsible for my happiness?  Of course not.  Only I am.  I choose how I feel.

I still need people like this.  People who don’t take things personally.  People who believe the best in others.  People who spread joy.

I think we all need people like this.

Maybe one day I can be a person like this.


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