Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 11-Post Interrupted

The post I was in the process of writing got interrupted. 

Interrupted by the continuing news coverage of a local story.  A missing child, a devastated family.

As a parent, this particular news story cuts deep.  Cuts too deep. 

I am struck by how my night is ending tonight.  I will crawl into a warm bed in my coffee pajama pants.  My precious babies are asleep down the hall.  Safe.

Another family is immersed in a tragedy I can’t bear to imagine, experiencing incredible pain. 

I don’t want to imagine.

I can’t do much.

Sometimes we can’t do much.

So I pray.

I am grateful for my gifts.

I will hold my warm kittens tight.

Tomorrow I will wake up and try to be the person. 


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