Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 28-Taking Risks

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to go on a longer, challenging run but was stalled by how crummy I felt.  Part of that was fear.

Sheesh.  Common theme here.

It’s ridiculous how much power fear has over me.  I modify runs because I am fearful of getting lost on a trail or going too far until I’m worn out and can’t make it back.  I modify runs because I might have some pain (normal aches) and am fearful of getting injured.

This week, I ran that trail loop.  I ran on a cold, cold morning.  I ran after it had snowed, and the trail was muddy.  I had to stop several times to remove big chunks of mud from my shoes (hopefully mud and not horse poop).  I ran even though I wasn’t sure how to get to the trail that went back to my house.

When I finished, I was numb.  Literally numb, it was cold.  I took a super hot shower. 

I think the run was somewhere around 8 miles based on my time.  I can’t track it because I don’t remember exactly where I ran. 

The distance doesn’t matter.  I felt good exploring the unknown.  I felt good taking a risk.

I’m sure that Sister Runner would approve.


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  1. Always remember, it's about the journey.

    Your sister runner approves. Always.

    1. Thank you for the stamp of approval, sister. You are an inspiration to me!!


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