Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 22-Quiet Gratitude

Tonight I am going to bed content.

I rested this weekend.  I drank lots of hot tea. 

I also ran 15 miles over the course of three days.  I realize that may not seem restful, but I needed the renewal.

I did lots of laundry.  And dishes.

I spent time with my family.  We got our pumpkins.  Katy snuggled with her mini pumpkin when we watched Harry Potter.

I only made soup once.

I was grateful. 

I had moments this weekend that took me back to survival mode.  When I drank my first Emergen-C on Friday, I remembered how often I would take those when I worked all the time.  Trying to stay afloat.  When I got sick during survival mode, I had to keep pushing through.  I still had to work that second job.  There wasn’t time to rest.

This weekend, there was time to rest.  I am so incredibly grateful.

Gratitude doesn’t always happen because of those big moments.  For me, a quiet sigh of relief brings gratitude.  I know my journey.  I know how it used to be.  This is one of those moments when I can reflect on the past and be grateful for the present.  And be grateful for the day ahead.


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  1. I know how it used to be...oh yes. Me too. That's the foundation for every bit of gratitude that I feel. My little girl got some small pumpkins and slept with them. That doesn't seem comfy to me, but they couldn't be parted! Maybe it's a little girl thing?

    1. Yeah, she also put them inside her shirt. Guess she wanted those pumpkins extra close! ;)


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