Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 15-Enjoying the Moment

I am really good at running through the day.  Running through the to-dos, running from fear.  I will get through the end of a day and realize that it is over.  The day is done.  What did I really accomplish?  Did I make time for Billy?  Did I have fun with the girls?

There are to-dos that need to get done.  I can’t ignore that.

I want to enjoy the moment more among the to-dos.

Today was one of those days when I enjoyed the moment.

I organized my fall/winter clothes and then did the same for the girls.  It felt good moving on to another season.  I felt grateful that I could donate some old clothes.

I cooked breakfast and dinner for my family.  And dessert.  I didn’t mind the dishes or the mess.  I love getting a thumbs up from Katy.  I love looking at Lucy’s chocolate beard on her face.

We went on a completely unplanned family hike.  The girls threw rocks in the water and tore apart cattails.

 I went up to the bedroom about an hour ago and realized that I hadn’t put away all of my sweaters after pulling them out.  It didn’t matter.  Small detail.  Doesn’t change the day.

Of course, it’s easy to enjoy a Sunday.  I hope I can translate this into the work week.  A week filled with obligations and to-dos (as usual). 

I would really like to slow down for a couple of moments.  Enjoy the work that I do.  Make time to celebrate Lucy and Katy’s work at school.  Appreciate the fellowship I get from meetings, both at work and in real life.  Really listen to Billy talk about his day.

As much as I would like to slow down to the weekend pace, it simply isn’t possible.  I can still enjoy the moments even in the rush of the week.


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