Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days-Day 1

For the past couple of years in October (2012 and 2013), I have participated in the 31 Days writing event hosted by The Nester.

This year, I am a bit weary.
My writing has been almost non-existent.

It started fading with our preparations to move.  Not enough time, too many projects.
And after my mom’s cancer diagnosis, the words simply wouldn’t come.

I know my voice is still there.  But the voice gets lost in a crisis.
I’ve had moments these past couple of weeks when I start remembering things about myself.  I turned into my neighborhood a couple days ago, admiring the crisp air and thought, “I like fall.”  I’ve always looked forward to this season.  And I forgot.

Turning away from my inner voice hasn’t helped.  Well, maybe it helped get through those long days in August.  Maybe it helped get through returning to the routine of life.  Not really thinking, just doing.
But now I feel like I need more.  I’m waking up…remembering.  Kind of.  Some days are better than others. 

I want to keep moving forward.  I’m worried that if I don’t start moving forward, I will get stuck.  I won’t be a real person anymore.  I will just be someone who “gets through” life.  I’ve done that before.  Survival mode.  It’s not living.
Moving forward isn’t about forgetting.  Moving forward isn’t about pretending I don’t have bad moments…or bad days.  Moving forward isn’t about perfection. 

Moving forward is about simplicity.  Moving forward is about quiet moments.  Moving forward is giving myself grace.
So for the next 31 days (ok, 30 days), I’m going to do my best to force the voice the come out.  Even if it is just for a tiny bit. 

A small reflection. 
A moment.

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  1. This is very good Kat! I know it is hard....but you know you can encourage other people through your me! Love you!

  2. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing how you are feeling... even when there are no to few words for how you are feeling; I'm following along.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words


Be kind, not judgey