Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pandas with Wigs

My long drive home is great for some thinking time.  I use it often to compress from my day, but I also use it to work through some grief.
Sometimes I feel that I am completely disconnected.

I pick up the kids or come home to them, and I am reminded just how far down that deep path I was on.  I need a minute in the garage to remind myself that I am home.
Because my kids are moving on.  They don’t need a long car ride to process.  Their life is full of homework, play and fun.

They draw pictures of pandas with wigs.  And laugh hysterically at these creations.
They curl up with a book and beg to stay up a little later for another chapter.

They take very long showers that involve lots of singing.
This feels good for my heart.  Maybe sometimes I am overthinking.    

Maybe I should draw pandas with wigs.

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