Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Little Hearts

My girls fill my heart with joy.
Sure, there are those usual parenting moments.  Like having to intervene because they are fighting over paper.  Paper.

Their silliness catches me off guard sometimes.
Last night, Katy was walking down the stairs and started, “Do you think it’s possible…”

Lucy (walking into the room and oblivious to what Katy was going to ask) interrupts with, “For a King Cobra to bite a King Cobra?”
Where does this stuff come from?  King Cobras?

They eat brownies and discuss Doctor Who.
I am grateful to have these ladies around me.

Their tenderness restores my faith in people.  Katy announced a good moment at school, so they hugged each other.
Maybe it also helps restore my faith in my abilities as a parent.

They keep things light around here.
Katy jumped out at my dad tonight to scare him with her plastic vampire teeth.  And then Lucy rode on her back, calling her a vampire pig.

Their resiliency after a year of many changes motivates me to keep moving.
I know they have their sad moments too.  Those moments usually start out with, “Remember when…”  I hold my breath every time one of their sentences starts out that way.

I am surprised at their beautiful reflections about my mom.  And their wisdom of how life isn’t fair.
I know their little hearts are being stretched this year too.

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