Sunday, October 12, 2014


I think I hit that moment again.  That moment where the words don’t/won’t come.
Maybe I wasn’t prepared for all of this daily reflection.

I haven’t been sleeping well again.  I fall asleep right away and then wake up a few hours later.  And I am wide awake for a couple of hours.
It’s like I opened up a part of my brain that was closed in my efforts to get through the day to day.  Now instead of sleep, I work through that.  And I gently remind myself that any thoughts at 2 am are generally crazy talk and I should ignore them.  Unless I’m thinking about a sewing project.  I have actually had some good sewing ideas.

I was making coffee this morning and already thinking about taking an afternoon nap.
I kept plugging through the day though.  No time for a nap.  And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep.  All those years of working overnight shifts screwed up any ability I had to take a daytime nap.

Here’s hoping this week will bring some genuine rest.
And if not, I plan on being fully caffeinated during the day.
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  1. This is how I process 3am with my brain on a race track. Crazy talk is what that is for sure. Sometimes it's awful and there have been times that the peace that is 3am is what I needed.

  2. I thought of you after I wrote this. And thought about what a jerk I sound like when you (and others with infants) haven't had a full night sleep in months. :)


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