Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rest Day

I hope today was a lazy Sunday for all of you.
It wasn’t entirely a day of rest for me.  I had a long to-do list.

It was the perfect day for an indoor to-do list, though.  Rainy and cold.  And I actually feel a lot better headed into the week now that some of those tasks are finished.
I wore my church clothes all day.  For a couple of reasons.  One, these pants are really comfortable.  Two, all of my comfy pants were in the wash. And yes, laundry was on my long to-do list.

I was able to get to some fun things.  I finished sewing flannel pajama pants for Katy.  I did Lucy’s yesterday.  No pants were sewn inside out.  No need for the seam ripper.  And minimal swearing.  It was a huge sewing victory for me.  I’m sure my next project will be a disaster.  Sewing karma.
I’m looking forward to the fresh start of this week.  New opportunities.

Hopefully that holds out through the reality of a 5 am Monday morning alarm clock.

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