Sunday, October 19, 2014


I am a homebody.  I think I have mentioned it before.  I work hard all week.  I want to relax on the weekend.
I’m ok fulfilling obligations and doing chores on the weekends.

I do enjoy visiting people and having fun.
But Sundays, don’t tell me what to do on Sundays!

This doesn’t always happen though.  Sometimes things are scheduled for Sundays.  Or I have chores/errands on Sundays.
My neighbor, the one who saw me in my bathrobe, is a kindred spirit.  Actually, that night, she was in her robe too, but she probably didn’t want me posting that picture.  We love our bathrobes and our Sundays.

She caught me today as we were getting home.  We were getting back from church, fabric shopping (that does not count as an errand) and grocery shopping.  She called me out.  What are you doing out on a Sunday?!
Meanwhile, she had the Target ad in her hand.  She sighed, I have to go out too.

My brain needs some rest.  I need some time to sew.  Or make something in the kitchen.  Or catch up on four loads of laundry.  Or catch up on four blog posts.  Or simply be.
I have to mentally prepare for another week.

I tend to dismiss the value of rest, yet I feel so much better after I have some.
I think it’s because I feel guilty.  I feel guilty for not doing more.  I feel guilty for not wanting to do more.

It’s complicated.
But Sundays shouldn’t be.

And frankly, it shouldn’t matter.
This is who I am.

And I love Sundays.

This post is part of my 31 Day series.  To start from the beginning, click here.

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