Sunday, October 5, 2014


When life changes so much, I seek out comfort in what has stayed the same.
We all know how much I like my routine.  There is definitely comfort in that.  There is simplicity in those day to day tasks that we need to do to keep moving.  There have been a couple of nights when I found myself at the sink doing dishes, content to be part of the routine.

A couple days ago, I wrote about remembering things about myself.  Remembering those things, doing those things, being that person that I want to be again brings me comfort.  It reminds me that I am capable of being more than messy.
Seeing the people around me unchanged, quietly engaged in their activities, encourages me to move forward. 

I feel pretty exhausted for a Sunday night.  We were all headed back home, and I heard a sound from the backseat.  A clicking.  I saw this little lady pictured above.  She has been teaching herself to knit.  I loved hearing that sound. 
This reminder that something was still the same after life has been turned upside down brought peace to my heart.  I was struck by the joy on her face and the soothing sound of those whisper-like clicks.

And while I may feel a little weary headed into this week, I can take that bit of peace with me.
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