Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 6-Endurance

I went on my long run this morning, and I wish that, for your sake, I would have brought my camera.  The view was amazing.  Snow on the foothills, but path below me was clear and dry.  The best part was that I was running on the paved trail, as opposed to dirt, so I was able to take some long looks at the scenery.
Shortly after my turn around point, a runner couple passed me.  Nothing feels more defeating as a runner until you are passed…twice.  I ran by them again while they were fully stopped to visit the poop room, and they caught up with me and passed me.  About 50 feet after I was passed the second time, the man turned sideways and started doing a grapevine motion with his feet.  Billy wasn’t sure what this meant when I relayed the story.  Maybe just google it.  But I feel that anyone who did high school athletics or any time of group aerobic exercise knows what this is.

Seriously, the guy had enough energy to pass me twice and then do fancy footwork.
I headed back up some giant elevation, slow and steady, as usual.  Not my complete turtle pace.  I looked up the hill a bit to notice that grapevine man had stopped running and was now walking the hill.  I continued my pace and passed him at the top (where he was completely stopped) and kept going…and felt victorious.

Lord of all joy
This wasn’t a celebration of my victory over this other runner.  This was a celebration of myself, and my personal running journey.

It reminded me of survival mode.
Survival mode was a long stretch of time when I worked seven days a week.  Survival mode wasn’t about quick bursts of energy and falling flat.  Survival mode was about the slow and steady. 

Not giving up even when my heart hurt and sleep deprivation made my eyes burn.
That was also a victory of endurance.

I thought about that journey on my way down the other side of the hill.  And when I looked back to pass some walkers, I noticed the running couple coming up behind me again.
And I sped up.

And didn’t let them pass me again. 
Of course, I did take another route on the path a quarter mile later…

This post is part of the 31 Day series-Mindful Moments


  1. You are so right runner sister. Running should always be about your personal journey...not others. I am glad you had some nice scenery.

  2. Thanks, sister! I wish you could have been there with me!

  3. That seems so rude to me that he did the grapevine after passing you! I don't run at all, so I say way to go for being out there at all. Slow in steady is SO hard for me in life. I need to learn to whine less when things get really tough, stick with it, and also savor the moments of joy whenever I can. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I probably would have felt that way except he was already past me when he started. Now...if he was passing me while doing the grapevine...that would be another story. :) I think slow and steady is hard for everyone. I might grapevine all the time if I had a chance. But then, if everything is easy, I suppose we don't value it as much.


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