Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 23-Morning Validation

A couple of my coworkers and I have been doing a morning validation with each other this week.
It’s a silly way to start the day off with something positive.  Who can have a bad day when someone wishes you a morning of unicorns? 

This is also a reminder of who we are.  We are good people who are good at what we do.
Don’t we all need that?  To be reminded of our truths?  And especially first thing in the morning, before those doubts start to creep in and paralyze us with fear.

I need constant reminders of my truths. 

I get stuck in self-doubt.
I let fear cloud my judgment.

For those moments in the morning, there is hopefulness of the day ahead.  There is hopefulness about the person that we will be today. 
There is also a reminder of the person that we already are. 

We are already enough.

This post is part of the 31 Day series-Mindful Moments.

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