Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 17-Strength

I was talking to one of my sisters tonight about the great homework battle I wrote about a couple of days ago.  Actually, I was asking her some random sewing questions when the subject came up.  Maybe I will start calling her Sister Sewer, to distinguish her from Sister Runner.  I suppose this means I will have to come up with names for my other sisters as well….
She mentioned her own experiences with the homework battle as a parent.

This was while Lucy was knee deep in yet another mountain of homework.  When did third grade start getting so intense?!
I thought of this reflection:

Your strength in our hearts
This is the mid-day reflection but I feel I need it during homework time.

I need strength during those moments of explaining that writing a “realistic fiction story” does not involve vampires.
I need strength explaining that you shouldn’t color in the clip art on a worksheet before you have done the actual work on the worksheet.

I need strength explaining to a certain husband that correcting homework with marker is probably not the best choice.
I need strength making it through this last painful worksheet.

I need strength to show patience and kindness.

This post is part of the 31 Day series-Mindful Moments.

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  1. Absolutely! The days sure do vary. Even the moments in the days vary! :)


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