Saturday, June 30, 2012

This Week's Doings

Bad news has been surrounding our area this week from wildfires to violence.  Welcome to a break from the bad news and come on into my weird little world!

I have Mondays every week, like all of you, but I don’t often think, “This feels like a Monday.”  Well, this week, I thought that.  And not just on Monday.

Each day seemed to have a challenge.  Something really silly and stupid.  Maybe a few months ago, it would have thrown my whole week off.  Events that I would be obsessing about all week.  Cursing the week.

I didn’t curse the week this time.  I tried to enjoy other moments along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad the week is over. 

Monday morning the coffee maker broke.  Seriously, on all days, Monday?!  I made many attempts to revive it, but it was dead.  I pushed through, had some orange juice and got in the shower.  When I was done, Billy had coffee made.  He boiled some water and poured it over the coffee grounds in the dead coffee maker.  I wish I had a picture of this but, again, I was in the shower.

This is our shiny new coffee maker.  It was ready to go Tuesday morning.

Monday night I headed over to Billy’s parents’ house to have dinner with everyone. 

This was waiting for me.  I was amazed.  A lovely meal cooked by Billy’s mom.  Billy prepares food-he grills, he can make a boxed meal.  But this was actual cooking.  And this wasn’t the only meal this week that she cooked for us.  And she also made dessert!  Maybe it’s because I’m the cook in our little foursome that I truly appreciate having someone else put time and effort into a meal for me.  It was lovely.

I love Van Morrison’s music.  Obviously.  My blog is name after one of his song lyrics.  It’s soulful.  It makes me feel alive.  This week, I found a song that I hadn’t heard before on youtube, Hungry for Your Love.  Amazing.  I haven’t actually watched this video because I have it on as background music.  So check your facebook while you listen to it.  I’m only vouching for the music here.

It did occur to me this week that I am in need of time away from work.  Soon.  So soon.  Thursday morning I got out of the shower and realized that I got my hair wet but I never washed it.  If I’m going for the convenience of not washing my hair, I certainly don’t want to have to dry it.  But I had to because now it was wet.  When my wet hair air dries, it gets poofy.  I got a compliment on my hair that day from a coworker.  I should have taken a picture of it.  Hair washing is overrated.

In an effort to de-stress, I went running on Friday and Saturday.  This probably would have been ok but I didn’t hydrate well enough between runs.  Dehydration can be quite uncomfortable.  I spent Friday night reading a book in bed while Lucy read hers next to me, and Saturday was spent in front of the tv sipping water.  Not a bad thing, necessarily.  I was forced into relaxation.

These events are all about perception.  These minor inconveniences are nowhere near the scale of any real problems going on around us.  Maybe that is why it is so important for me not to get bogged down in these silly mundane details.  What is important is to enjoy the life around me-the innovative efforts to make coffee, the home-cooked meals, the music, awesome looking unwashed hair, time spent relaxing.

And half price milkshakes at Sonic after 8 pm. 


  1. That looks like Shrimp Gata! Yum. No Sonic up here. We sure do miss 1/2 price drinks on a hot afternoon.~Jen

    1. It was! And the great thing is this is a meal that I never take the time to make for us, so it was a real treat.


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