Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A different look

I’ve been struggling this week.  Tired (even after my day of rest), impatient.  Hot weather, devastating wildfires, no good news going around.

I’ve tried to be kind to myself because I know what the issue is.

I know I am in need of some time away from work.  And it’s coming.  But not yet.

I am desperately trying to change my perspective.

Tonight I thought going on a walk with my ladies would be a relaxing end to the day.  Not exactly.

But we rallied.  Got home, had some dessert, played a game of Candyland and did the bedtime routine. 

I settled in with my computer, grateful for finishing the day strong, hopeful for tomorrow.

I looked through my camera at some pictures that Lucy took along the walk.

I found this.  And I was so happy to see a photo of the sky that wasn’t filled with smoke. 

Peace.  This is what Lucy was looking at.  Hopefully tomorrow I will too. 


  1. Leave it to Lucy to find the joy in all the smoke and ashes....remember, you have instilled that joy in your girls by being a wonderful mother! be well

  2. Great photo. Great reminder of perspective!

  3. I hope you found some peace. Praying that the fires don't come to close to you and your family.

    1. Thankfully, we are far away from the fires. :)


Be kind, not judgey