Saturday, June 16, 2012

This Week's Doings

It’s been a little crazy this week, folks.  First up was my conference in the mountains.  Of course, leaving Billy and the girls for a few days to fend for themselves created a little prep work and a lot of laundry.

I made some blueberry muffins and quinoa energy balls.  I finally used the rest of the quinoa in the fridge! 

The night before I left we had this lovely meal.  It looks like I ate a hamburger bun for dinner.  It is really a grilled Portobello mushroom.  I thought about turning it the other way for the picture but that looked pretty gross.

Lucy ate too much so Katy wanted to help rub her tummy.  And yes, Katy has her dinner all over her face.  It looks like a beard.

The first day of my conference I was greeted with this yummy combo.  I realize it’s a bit blurry but that is Starbucks coffee!  Seriously, social workers just don’t get this kind of star treatment.

I actually went running while I was up there.  The altitude was challenging…or maybe I am just out of shape.  I like to blame the altitude.  This was my beautiful view.  Both runs ended up a bit longer than I anticipated because I got lost.  On a paved path.  That was well marked with signs and half mile markers.

I got to sleep in this giant bed.  All by myself.  It was glorious.  Have any of you seen that movie, “Last Holiday,” with Queen Latifah?  She goes to this really fancy resort and is rolling around in the bed because it’s so awesome.  I did that both nights.  No Elwood Wilson to jump on me at 5 am.  I loved it!

Billy’s parents moved back to Colorado this week!  Yay!  I should probably clarify that we also live in Colorado, and I was rejoicing in them being closer, as opposed to moving away.  One of my tasks was to unpack one of my favorite rooms, the kitchen.  I discovered that Billy’s parents have a coffee mug collection that rivals that of my parents.  Unfortunately, I got a little “delete” happy with my camera and the evidence is gone.  The return of these lovely folks to Colorado also meant that my favorite patio furniture is here as well.  I love this chair.  The bonus is that it doesn’t need a cushion.  My parents are a little nutty about patio cushions.  That’s probably a separate post.  And look at the beer in the picture!  It’s wearing a shirt! 

Within two days, they quickly barricaded themselves from their neighbors and put up the white boards.  I suppose they are going to paint them, but I really like the contrast.  Doesn’t it look beachy?  Feel free to vote for your paint choice in the comments below.

The girls enjoyed some root beer floats in the Broncos mugs that we got  for Billy's parents as a housewarming gift.  We also bought them some plants that had some hail damage.  I should note that the hail damage came after we purchased them.  Nothing says, “Welcome to your new home!” like dead plants.  Billy and I are classy.

Here’s a lovely picture of us girls on the deck (with the beachy background).  Billy’s mom is in the middle and her best friend is next to her. 
I hope you had a wonderful week!  Don’t forget to support my “beachy” vote below!


  1. I say paint a mural. Beach mural at sunset would be AWSOME in such a land locked state.

    1. I hadn't thought of that!


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