Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Days

I’ve been floundering the past couple of weeks.  Thrown for loops from my regular scheduled programming.  Trying to find some routine of summer.  I need routine.  I’m like a small child that way.

But summer is different.  Summer has no routine.

Summer has magical grilled cheese sandwiches with smooshed avocado.

Summer has running in the evening when it is 94 degrees outside.

Summer wants me to get up earlier in the morning to go run before it is 94 degrees outside.

Summer has Elwood Wilson meowing on my bed at 5 am.

Summer keeps the daylight longer, letting little girls giggle in their room.

Summer lets mom and dad pretend they don’t hear little girls giggle in their room.

Summer has patience for a lady creeping out of bed after she was just tucked in.

Summer has beach towels, swimsuits and sunblock scattered around.

Summer doesn’t mind a messy house.

Summer celebrates a weeknight with an ice cream cone.

Summer has precious time.

I’ll get used to it.  Just in time for September.

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