Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Grateful Daughter

This is what happens when you are disorganized….you have to send your Father’s Day card in the form of a blog post.  Sorry, Dad!

This is Dad with Elwood Wilson.  Elwood Wilson loves to snuggle with Dad.  Dad hates cats.  I think Elwood Wilson knows that.

We all have special gifts and talents.  My dad is a great storyteller.  I would like to think that I inherited some of this special gift, but the simple fact is that my dad is amazing.

This is Dad talking to the girls about trains.  He knows a lot about trains.

When I was young, I had a dwarf African frog named JT.  I named him after the letters in one of my sister’s license plates.  I was a weird kid.  And I wonder where my kids came up with the “Wilson” part in Elwood Wilson….  JT happily lived in a small aquarium in my bedroom.

One day another one of my sisters (I have lots of sisters) had a friend over who hosted a Tupperware party.  This was the first and only Tupperware party I have ever attended.  At the end of it, I wanted to show off my beloved JT to her friend. 

I’m sure you can see where this story is headed.  JT was floating upside down in his aquarium.

I was crushed.

I do want to point out that I’ve lived a charmed life if this was a tragic event in my world.

Later that night, my dad came into my room to try to console me.  He shared a story about his prized farm animal that he was going to show and how it ate too much grain.  They had to puncture the side of the animal so it wouldn’t die.  Obviously, he lost his chance to show the animal.

I admit, this story was a bit disturbing (and gross).  But in his way, Dad was trying to help. 

Years later as I reflect on it, it’s not so much the content of the story that stands out (ok, maybe the content does stand out, it was gross); it is Dad’s way of using his gift to make his little girl feel better.


Thank you, Dad.  I always appreciate your gift of storytelling and your sense of humor.  I love you!

Oh, and I think this is guy is a pretty amazing dad too.


  1. Have to show us all up ehhhh

    1. Maybe you were organized enough to get Dad a real card, though! :)

  2. How does puncturing the side of an animal keep it alive?

    1. No clue. I'm sure if you google sheep bloat you will find more information. And then you may regret ever googling sheep bloat.

  3. Only my brother would think to console a little girl with this story....!

    1. Men's ideas are often a little different. :)


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