Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Warm Welcome

Hello everyone!  I have thought about blogging for a few years.  I am glad that I waited.  Often, time brings us a new perspective.  And now I have a perspective that I would much rather share.

Today my perspective is a more positive one.  I feel that I am finally emerging out of survival mode and am able to appreciate life.  While I wish that I had a more positive perspective from the beginning, all I can do is move forward.

The intent of this blog isn’t to boast about how wonderful my life is.  I still struggle.  I still have bad days, bad moments. 

This blog is intended to remind myself that those are only moments or days.  Even in the temporary struggle, I can still find joy; I can still find something to appreciate.  And if you read this blog and are encouraged, well, that’s fantastic too!

I am sure that most of what I will be sharing will be not be serious or thought provoking.  I love to laugh, and I think sometimes our ability to find humor in the every day helps get us through life’s challenging moments.

I am also sure that my posts will have plenty of typos.  Typos that will make my mom want to print out my posts and correct them with a pen.  What can I say?  I am a work in progress.  And that applies to so many areas of my life, not just typos.

Feel free to read more about me and this blog in the “About” section.

Happy reading!


  1. Yay, mamacita! You just gave me something to do this summer!!!!! Miss you guys...

    1. Awesome!! Miss you too, friend!!

  2. So happy to read your blog. Seems corny but I'm glad we made contact again after all those years wandering our own ways. Your insightful and witty and you always make me laugh!


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