Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One More Thing

I got home from work last night, ate dinner and immediately started working on crafts.  I’m not really a crafty person so it probably took three times as long to do some prep work for a craft tomorrow with a group of about 20 little ladies.  I was still awake when our programmed settings on the thermostat drastically reduced the temperature.  That is past my 8:30 bedtime!

There was always one more thing…one more thing to cut, one more thing to assemble.  And then I realized that I should probably put together an example for the kids.


I think it looks pretty good.  Of course, all of the felt pieces will probably fall off when I pick it up later.

This “one more thing” concept, well, life has been feeling like that a lot lately.  I feel like I will make progress at work after one more thing.  I will feel more ready for Christmas after one more thing.  I feel like the house might not look like an explosion if I only clean one more thing.

A couple of nights ago, I had a hefty to-do list in front of me (this snowman project included).  I didn’t sleep very well.  I’m not really sure why.  Elwood Wilson was probably jumping on me while I tried to sleep.  Every time I woke up, some remnant of the to-do list would enter my mind. 

And for whatever reason, the to-dos didn’t matter. 

The to-dos didn’t wake me up completely from my sleep fog.  My mind and heart circled around peace.  And I went back to sleep for a bit.

In the morning, I didn’t wake up with a panic about the week, which was very refreshing considering it was Monday morning.  The day was there, with its lists, but it didn’t bother me.

I wish I could share a secret.  Some wisdom that I have.  Usually I am the person who wakes up in the middle of the night, and the rest of the night is shot.  My brain spends those early morning hours processing the day, planning for the next day and losing valuable rest.

Maybe I don’t have it figured out, but I will take it, that lovely sense of peace.

I didn’t need to reach one more thing before I could have peace. 

Instead, peace found me in those early hours, between dreams.

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  1. Oh, lovely. Thank you for sharing. I too struggle with the "one more thing"

    1. I think it might always be a struggle for me, so for now, I am trying to shove it to the back of my mind. :)

  2. I struggle with that concept as well. Sometimes even plaguing me in such a way that I'm tuning out the people around. Don't like it when it goes well.

    1. Ugh, I have done that too. It is bad enough to have that internal feeling of one more thing, but when I start tuning people out, I feel so guilty. One word keeps coming to mind...grace...grace...grace... :)

  3. this is beautiful - i really love your heart, i understand and feel this way too at times. thank you for sharing this!

    i just found you through the chatting at the sky linkup - so excited to find you and read more.



    1. Thank you for your kind words!!


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