Thursday, December 6, 2012

Muddling Through the Week

This has been a week of catch up, with early mornings and late nights.  My brain is feeling a little fuzzy.  Before I left for work yesterday morning, I realized that I hadn’t saved a powerpoint presentation correctly the night before.  Hours of work was lost.

Last night, I hit the wall. 

I was working on the computer while the girls were coloring Christmas pictures.  Katy got up to get her bear.  That was a sign that she was getting tired.  I realized I was tired too.

While she ran upstairs to get her bear, I put my laptop away.  She came downstairs to a mama who was ready to snuggle under a blanket while we listened to Christmas  music and stared at the tree.  We watched Lucy quietly work on her coloring.

When I put the girls to bed a bit later, I didn’t trudge downstairs for more computer time.  I crawled into bed.

Sometimes we need to call it a night and leave the to-dos behind.

I wish I could write that I woke up today feeling refreshed and energized.  The truth is that I am feeling the weight of the week.  I am struggling through my coffee.  I might need a third cup.

Once again, I remind myself that this is only a season.  As I sit working this morning, I look at the Christmas tree and remember my moment of peace last night.


Be kind, not judgey