Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joyful Hope

I have been reading a lot about creating peace during the Christmas season.  How we pack so much activity that it becomes exhausting.  We need time to just be.

I can’t say that this has ever been me.

But for a very different reason.  I simply wasn’t around much during the holidays.  I always seemed to be working.  When I was always working, the thought of squeezing in anything else seemed impossible, so I didn’t even try.

People try to duplicate or even top Christmas from their childhood memories.  I don’t remember so many activities growing up that I felt exhausted (for which I am grateful).  The exciting part about Christmas was that feeling of anticipation.  While decorating, singing in the school program, coloring Christmas pictures or staring at my wrapped presents under the tree, there was always that underlying feeling of anticipation.

On this first Sunday of Advent, it was given a name, “joyful hope.” 

That clicked with me. 

Joyful hope describes that exciting anticipation of the Christmas season as a child.

It also clicked with me as an adult.

Joyful hope describes that feeling in my heart, that undercurrent.  When the to-dos of life get in the way or when life throws a couple of curveballs, I don’t have to get frantic.  I can choose joyful hope in my heart.

Life has been a little crazy lately.  I thought the season of crazy was coming to an end.  Apparently not.  This past weekend could not have been described as relaxing.  Yet Sunday night, when I was going to bed late, with a 5 am wake up call set on my alarm, I took a moment to check in with my heart.

It was still there.  Joyful hope. 

Life won’t stay crazy.  And even in the crazy, there are sweet moments to be enjoyed.  Like watching the lighting of Christmas lights, playing with a miniature Christmas village, or sitting under a blanket and enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.  Joyful hope.

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  1. Yes! Love the emphasis on joyful hope. Well said!

    1. Thank you! Although, I really did hear the phrase in church so I can't take credit for it. ;)

  2. LIfe won't stay crazy!! Love that phrase -- but learning to recognize the sweet moments your mention in the middle of it. Creating peace is what I'm doing at my blog the next 12 days - claiming it this year. Blessings

    1. Those sweet moments can keep us going, for sure!

  3. "Joyful hope describes that feeling in my heart, that undercurrent. " - love that!

    Tucking this inside my heart as a reminder!

    1. "Tucking this inside my heart"-how lovely! I'm going to have to start using that phrase! :)


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