Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The View

There are moments when I have to remind myself that just because the calendar changed, it doesn’t mean that life automatically takes a turn.
We had to say goodbye to our dog a couple of weeks ago.  For the first time since Billy and I have been together, we have no pets.

It seemed like one more thing.
But wait, this is a new year, only full of positive happenings.

Hmm….maybe that’s not how this works.
Maybe the new year doesn’t wipe the slate clean.

The new year certainly provides new opportunities for hope.  It doesn’t mean that life will be unicorns and sunshine, though.
I’m trying to keep some perspective and not lose hope.  We are still in January.

I remind myself that last year ago at this time, Billy and I were starting to rev up for our move.  So excited about the possibilities.
And now a year later, we are enjoying life in our little corner of the world.

It’s about how we see the world around us.
In the midst of this current sadness, I could think about the upcoming year in terms of oh, not again.  Instead, I am not going to allow this to define my year.  I did a lot of that last year, describing it with negativity.  Dismissing the joyful moments that occurred.

Instead, I am going to remember the joy filled dog who gave good hugs. 
Rest in peace, JJ.  I hope Elwood Wilson is once again licking off your eye goobers.

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