Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Refocused (maybe)

Last month, I felt fuzzy and unfocused. 

I spent a lot of time working on powerpoint. 

And a lot of time trying to escape.

Now that those projects are completed and we are back at school, I am finally feeling some relief.

Remember how I’ve often mentioned that I am like a small child and need routine?

This summer went by so fast.  We didn’t have the scorching heat of last summer.  These recent days of high heat are made tolerable by the cool nights of late August.

The return of routine has seemed to bring back my focus.

I worked on a couple of projects that I have been putting off for a while.  I have a closet upstairs that holds extra blankets and other crap.  When I opened the door, I would be attacked by a rogue sleeping bag.  I finally organized it.

I baked sandwich bread!  And it worked!

I returned some emails that have been lingering in my personal inbox for weeks. 

I made 24 burritos for our freezer.  Do you ever feel guilty eating food that you have prepped ahead of time and put in the freezer?  Sometimes I do.  I have to remind myself that I made it to eat and make life easier.  It is ok if the burritos are gone in a week.  And they probably will be with Billy.

I registered for my first official half marathon.  I have managed 13.1 a couple of times, but this will be an official timed race.  It is in the park that I normally take my long runs in, so I know where all of the poop rooms are in advance.  That’s important.  I had no idea how important until this summer…don’t judge…

I’m looking at the calendar for September, and it is full of activity.  I’m not feeling overwhelmed by that (yet) and hoping that it doesn’t send me back into escape mode.

Today I am glad to sit in the girls’ room while they read and enjoy the peace.  And routine.


  1. Kat, I used to call it Runner's Diarrhea, back in the day....

    1. Yuck! lol I didn't go that far. I would just say "regular". :)


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