Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Long Road to Wisdom

A week ago when I was tucking in the ladies, Lucy wanted to have a deep conversation.  Of course she did, this is Lucy.  The child who is always inspiring me to be a better person.

Lucy wanted to talk about how God gives everyone special talents.  She was reflecting on the talents that we discover over time.  She said, It’s just life.  Being older, you get good at things.

I think about all of the times that I have struggled with that false notion of perfection.  Expecting that in myself.  Thinking that I should have life figured out and my every action should be a reflection of that life. 

And here comes this little lady to remind me about grace.  With age comes certain talents.  There is no perfection.

Surprisingly, it is my birthday, and I haven’t been feeling the melancholy that typically surrounds it.  I have been thinking about Lucy’s words, letting them roll around in my brain for the past week.

At first, I thought, what things have I gotten good at in the past year?  I was stumped.  I mean, I think I’ve gotten better with a hot glue gun over the past year, but that seems a bit trivial.

I realized that it’s not being good at things, maybe I’m more interested in the wisdom that I have gained in the past year.

What has that wisdom looked like in this past year? 

When I entered my 30s, my Sister Runner raved about the benefits of exercising in your 30s.  She was right.  But now I am imparting some wisdom to her about the benefits of eating healthy.  I am determined to eat my 4.5 cups of produce every day.  And my body thanks me.  Although, I still really don’t enjoy eating healthy…this is similar to my thoughts on running. 
This job of mine is soul draining.  And while it is important work that I enjoy, I have learned that I need to take care of myself in order to do it well.

Speaking of this business of helping people, I have learned a lot about the value of relationships.  I am resisting my urge to fix things.  Trying to learn someone’s story and simply be with them.  And I have been having some powerful conversations with colleagues about this epiphany.  A simple concept but one that often gets lost in the old way of doing things or even among old assumptions and judgments that we make about folks.

I have learned more about the person that I want to be.  Encouraging, brave, awake.  And so much more.  And I’ve taken some steps to be that person.  I have worked through some fear.  I have taken some risks.

And here I am today on my birthday.  An age that I have been kind of fearing.  Something intense about the number.  Maybe because it’s two odd numbers.  But I am blessed to reach this age.  And reach it in good health with friends and family.  And that is probably the most important wisdom I have gained this year.


  1. Happy Birthday! You have always been wise and thoughtful...reason you're such a good friend to people. I promise 35 doesnt feel much different than 34 :)


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