Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Changing Days

This unassuming month of November has quickly flown by.
I went into it knowing that I only had a few weeks left at work before my vacation time (some would call it a staycation-I’m simply happy call it time off).

These weeks have been spent with work projects during the day and quiet evenings at home working on crafts.  Look at how precious this little lady is with her giant embroidery hoop!
November brought change.  There were some lingering unknowns that were resolved this month.  And the answer was change.

Like many other humans, I fear change.  Even good change is scary.
Goodbyes will soon be said to people and old ways of doing things.

I spent much of this past weekend with fear.  Middle of the night thinking about change.
Church on Sunday brought a message about change.  Funny how that works sometimes-the message comes when you need it (doesn’t always work that way or maybe I’m not always listening).  I remembered that I am not the only one who struggles with this.

We start clicking through the days, and we develop this false sense of control.  The sense that we are creating opportunities through our actions.
Until we are stopped by change.  And remember how small we are.

Today, swimming through the change, I am embracing gratitude. 
Thankful for those experiences and people. 

Thankful for those pieces of life that remain constant.


  1. If there's anything I can help with, please let me know Megan, even if it's just to pray about something..Julie

  2. Thanks, Julie! Prayers for a peaceful heart would be much appreciated!

  3. Yes, even good change is hard - how true. Praying for peace and continued gratitude, even joy, in the middle of your changes.


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