Friday, June 14, 2013

The Lake House

I came back from the lake house worn out. 

The day after our return trip, I fought bouts of fatigue and dizziness and couldn’t tell if it was motion sickness or the change in altitude.  Or both.  I rotated between playing on the computer, reading and trying to nap.

I stayed in my pjs until 5 pm.  Then I finally took a shower and brushed my teeth.  I know, I’m pretty gross.

I did manage to wash and put away all of the laundry from our trip.  I actually put it away.  It did stay in large unfolded piles most of the day.

Who wouldn’t be exhausted?  The week was full of fun.

I went on the most adventurous trail run I have ever been on.  Mainly because of the events of the run.  My sisters and I all fell down.  On separate occasions.  Some of us more than once.  Don’t worry, no major injuries.  Nothing some band aids, hydrogen peroxide and booze couldn’t fix.  I’m the leg with the green shoes.  At that point, my wound was still full of dirt from the second time I fell.

One afternoon, all 23 of us invaded a lakeside bar.  Hula hooping ensued.  My parents toasted their 50th wedding anniversary with a round of shots off a water ski.  There are pictures of that, but I won’t post them here.  You are welcome, Mom.

One of my sisters gave me a sewing lesson.  She helped me make a dress for Katy (I have a picture but due to my own technology issues was unable to post it).  Yes, she brought her sewing machine on vacation.  So what, I brought my immersion blender and mini food processor (among other random kitchen items).  We all pack weird stuff on a trip.  One of my nephews didn’t think I could replicate this kind of success without my sister’s help.  He’s so judgey.  I hope he likes wearing the hat I am going to make him with scraps from this girly fabric.

Of course, we played the blue balls game.  Ok, I realize that this game has a different name, but we are juveniles in my family and have renamed it.  We kept getting interrupted by these ducks. 

There were moments that I will hold in my heart.  A few of us were sitting by the dock one morning.  I turned around to see Lucy holding the hand of one of my nephews.  He’s 21 years old.  The kindness that he showed this tender-hearted lady melted my heart.  Of course, I don’t have a picture of that.  There never seems to be a camera around for those moments you hold in your heart.

That’s what vacations are about.  Making those memories that will last.

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