Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Simple Life

With all of this family fun time over the past month, we are so off our routine that part of me wants to curl up in a tiny ball and cry.  Instead, I’ve held it together while dealing with daily meltdowns from my ladies.  I get it.  They are tired.  But when I ask you to clean your room for the tenth time, please don’t start crying.  Mommy is on the verse of losing her shit.  Thank you.

And then our tub leaked (for the final time), and Billy ripped it all out.  Seeing the enormity of the task ahead of us made me want to have a meltdown.  It almost made me wish for a split second that I hadn’t noticed the paint bubble on the wall.  Or the damp ceiling.

Instead, I started cooking.

Dear Lord, please let my marriage survive the remodel of the bathroom.  Amen.

I cleaned the house a couple of days ago and rejoiced in the sheer simplicity of it all.  I kind of wish that I didn’t clean the shower though…what was the point now that it is lying in pieces on our deck?  And I really scrubbed the grout, too.  Oh well.

I already know that I need my routine.  In this chaos of the world, it helps me stay focused.  I need the simplicity in order to hide from the gray areas of the real world.  Last week, I had the same conversation with three different clients.  At the end of the week, all I really wanted was a nice long run to clear my head…and a beer…and some ice cream.

My routine.


  1. He will get it done. Dad

    1. You better hope so or we will all be sharing a shower in August! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Aunt Mary!!


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