Thursday, April 25, 2013

Victory Garden

Every spring, I name my garden, the Victory Garden.  I suppose that’s the eternal optimist in me.  I also cheer for the Cubs every spring.  The truth is that I haven’t had a single year of a good harvest.  The one year that looked the most promising ended with a destructive hail storm.  I’ve also had aphids and extreme heat.

When looking at it, maybe there is a better way to spend my money.  But I like the idea of nurturing a garden, helping it grow.  And I’ve come from previous generations of farmers, so you would think that I could get a few tomato plants to grow!

I laid out my plans for this year.  Hoping that the weather cooperates.

I am patiently waiting until Mother’s Day weekend to plant.  As much as I like to nurture a garden, I don’t want to have to tuck it in every night under a sheet because I planted too early.

So I will wait.  And plan.  And practice spelling the word zucchini.

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