Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gentle Spirit

My lovely Lucy had a birthday this week.  She turned 8.  Not possible.

Because it was her birthday week at school, she was asked to fill out an All About Me poster.  After reading it, I wondered who this kid is.  For example:

Favorite sport-soccer.  She hated playing it, and she doesn’t watch it on tv.

Best friends/activities she likes to do with them-she named two kids that she doesn’t hang out with and said that their favorite activity is to have play dates.  When are these playdates happening?

And the most perplexing of all, she named Texas as a fun place to visit.  Not saying anything bad about Texas here.  I guess this was confusing because she hasn’t been there in about a year and half.  And what did she do that was so fun?  She looked at houses.  And even drew a picture of her with houses.  Sounds like she went to some sort of real estate convention.  That is not the trip that I remember.  I remember a lot of pool time and relaxation….and to be accurate it was very hot, not warm.

This is the Lucy that I know.

I made this for her as a birthday present.  After I took this picture, I added her name in chipboard letters that were painted purple.  Of course, the letters started falling off as soon as she opened up her gift.  That’s ok, nothing a little hot glue won’t fix.


Lucy is so much like me that it often seems a bit eerie.  She had a day off from school and chose this to wear around the house.  I was wearing pj pants, a t-shirt and a grandpa sweater, so I couldn’t judge.  She loves to relax around the house.

This was Katy on that same day.  She was ready to go somewhere, as usual.  Just like her dad.

Of course, Lucy is also different from me, in ways that I truly appreciate.  She is mellow, just like her dad, and doesn’t automatically go to panic mode, that would be me and Katy.

I have been so blessed to have this gentle spirit in my life.

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