Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time Change

That was a lovely rest from posting!  Thank you all for your lovely comments during the series.  I needed a few days off after 31 in a row.  I’ve been eating too much Halloween candy and then trying to run it off.  How about you?

Tonight we were talking about the time change.  I realized that this is the first year in 5 years that I won’t be working an overnight shift when the time changes.  Anyone who has worked an overnight during the time change knows exactly how depressing it can be to see the time change from 2 am back to 1 am.

A year ago, this moment seemed so distant. 

In the back of my mind, it didn’t seem possible.

But here I am.  Sleepy, ready for bed, belly full of Mexican food…and Halloween candy.  Tonight, I won’t notice the time changing from 2 am to 1 am (hopefully).  I will enjoy this “extra hour of sleep” that everyone brags about.  Of course, that is if Elwood Wilson doesn’t meow or try to smother me.  Or if no one has a nightmare and crawls into bed, squishing me in the middle.  With Elwood Wilson on top.

A year ago, I never could have imagined the simple joy of sleeping through the time change.  It was such a long journey.  I had many moments of doubt when I didn’t think it would get better.  But it did get better.

And although it was so challenging to go through, moments like tonight, when I can reflect on the past and know how far I’ve come, are so much more joyful.


  1. I would enjoy the time change if my body didn't have its own alarm clock. Maybe I can take a nap today to make up for it. :)

    1. Sundays are good days for napping!


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