Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starting Small

I think some of you paid a bit more attention to the language in yesterday’s post than I did.  I was referencing a run with Billy and wrote “Just 8 miles.”

When this statement was pointed out to me in the comments, I laughed.  When I started running in March, there was no way I could have pictured myself writing that.  Just 8 miles.  No way.  I was gasping for air and dry heaving after 2 miles.  A 4 mile trail run with my sister over the summer left me sore for days.

When Billy and I got home from our run, I made a comment about how when I ran 8 miles in the summer, I felt like I had heatstroke.  Running the same course in 18 degree weather felt a bit more comfortable.  By the way, a few days before the run with Billy, I told my sister that I would never run in 15 degree weather.  I sure am getting close to that.

It’s all about perspective isn’t it?  Time shifts our perspective.  Overcoming challenges changes our perspective.

When I look back on survival mode, I can’t imagine how I made it through.  I was there, I lived it, and I am still amazed.  There were days during survival mode when I didn’t think I would make it through.  Looking at what I still needed to accomplish was too overwhelming.  I had to break it down.  There were days that I couldn’t look past the next week.  It was too big.

Lately, life has felt too big again.

My soul feels a little sore.

I have to break it down, day by day.

I have to start small, with that 2 mile run.

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  1. Lately I feel that I have to start over daily or I will not get through the day. I often tell myself I can do anything for one year. It helps in my job to think that way, because things can and do change every year.

    I am very proud that you can say just 8 miles in 18 degree weather. It truly is all about the journey and you should always feel good after the run. Even if it is a bad run.


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