Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of the Year

Today’s post is part two of yesterday’s ending the year with gratitude theme.  I wanted to share a snapshot of some joyful moments this past year.

· There was a particularly warm day in February.  Our house had just gone under contract.  The projects that Billy and I had been feverishly working on for a month were over with.  So on this warm day, we sat outside in our tshirts, drank beer, soaked up some sunshine and dreamed about what life would be like when we found our next house.

· A few months later when we closed on the house we purchased, I drove by the house on the way home from work.  We closed that morning but didn’t have occupancy for a few more days.  I drove in the valley that night and had a full heart knowing that our dream was coming true.

· Sister Runner and I ran a half marathon together.  Now while the actual running was a bit of a burden, I am grateful that I have the ability to run.  And the scenery was amazing.  And Sister Runner was incredibly motivating.  And she posed with me every time she saw one of the photographers.  She’s hilarious.

· The night during those dark days in August when we went to bed and Katy wanted to talk all about my mom and how special she was. 

· Halloween night we had a bonfire with the neighbors.  We stayed up late (way past my 8 pm bedtime) and laughed.

· The day my dad closed on his houses.  Seeing his relief and finally some hope again for the future.

· Watching Lucy in the church Christmas pageant.  My quiet Lucy had a speaking part.  This Christmas was a difficult one, and seeing the confidence Lucy had in herself made my heart joyful.

· This current vacation that I’m taking.  I’m enjoying some much needed time off.  And not that work has been so overwhelming, but I have been in such a desperate need of a break from the day to day.  We have organized, hung up pictures and stayed in my pajamas.  I already feel rejuvenated and still have a few days left.

I’m hopeful that 2015 will bring more joyful moments than sad ones.

I’m hopeful that 2015 will bring some much needed healing to my family.

Seems fitting to end the year with hope.  

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