Monday, September 23, 2013


It has been years since I have been on a bike for fun.  Over ten years, I bet.  In fact, I’m pretty wobbly on a bike.  Thank goodness this is a still shot and not a video.

You know this love-hate relationship I have with running?  I like the sense of accomplishment, my body likes the exercise, I need the mental release.

But the actual running…sigh…there are moments when I would rather not be doing that.  Moments when my legs feel heavy and slow, moments when my lungs feel like they have no air, moments when the side stitch feels like my body is going to split in half, moments when I want to give up.

But this day riding a bike…I felt free.  Just like when I was a kid.  It was amazing.

I thought of my little Lucy’s words last year when we were enjoying a day and she said, I like this, right now.  I don’t have that feeling when I run.  Ok, I’ve had it a couple times, but it is usually fleeting with the incoming lactic acid. 

Riding a bike though, I can get behind that feeling.  I enjoyed the right now.

And this wasn’t serious bike riding.  As you can see, we are in a parking lot.  We rode over to the kids’ school.  By the way, isn’t this an amazing view?  Ten years out here and I still can’t get over the view.  I hope I never do.

No special butt-padded riding suits needed for this ride. 

It was about enjoying the moment.  Enjoying the right now.  Enjoying the simplicity of riding a bike, the rush of incoming childhood memories.

Of course, I will still run.  I have to run.  I’m too addicted to that post-run feeling.  And I love the simplicity of running.  Shoes and clothes are the only requirement.  Mark the Garmin is a nice perk.  No need to worry about flat tires or broken bikes.

Or spandex outfits.
Speaking of simplicity....I updated the comment box.  I hope this makes it a bit easier to leave comments.

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