Friday, July 12, 2013

Still Going

Ok, summer, I get it.  It’s hot.  And humid…for Colorado.  But I need to run.

We all know that I don’t necessarily enjoy running.  But I still do it.

This is getting ridiculous though.

How early do I have to get up to run and avoid collapsing from heat exhaustion?

Last week, I pulled the plug on my long run.  Only a half mile short of my goal.  I couldn’t do it any longer.  At the 4.5 mile mark, I muttered allowed, This sucks.  By 10 miles, I was actively swearing…in my head.  A lot of swears.

My last mile is mostly shaded and by a creek.  When Mark the Garmin beeped at the 12 mile mark, I sat down in an offshoot of the creek.  And pretty much took a bath with my clothes on.  Thank God for cold water that flows from the mountains.

I should add that the paved trail that runs along this creek has a lot of traffic, and there are multiple housing units that face the creek.  I’m sure that someone thought it was hilarious.  Or creepy.  Or both.

This morning was a short run, and it was still miserable.  Billy asked how it went and I replied, I’m not made for this summer running.

But I will still do it.

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