Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sense of Order

I have no idea where this picture came from.  Maybe my sister's camera when she downloaded some pictures on my computer last month.  It creeps me out a little.  It makes me want to quickly raise my feet from the floor.
Onto other news...the bathroom reno is complete!  Hooray! 
There were a few scary moments.  Like coming home to a bathtub in my bedroom.  Notice that I don’t have a comforter on the bed in the background.  That was because Elwood Wilson puked on it the night before.  While I was sleeping.  I swear he has it out for me.
Or there was this moment, where the bathroom floor was ripped out and the toilet was in the bathtub, and I could only imagine us walking on the sub-floor for months.
And then there was this.  The new bathroom in all of its glory (with the old bathroom rug).  This is actually stage 1 of the reno.  We are going to update the bathroom sink eventually.  But it works just fine and isn’t an emergency.  Billy and I have a very different way of defining emergency renovations.  It seemed smarter to keep my mouth shut and keep Billy and his dad well fed.  I do better in the kitchen anyway.  Without the tools, building materials and film of dry wall dust.

I’m looking forward to cleaning this weekend and finally removing the film of dry wall dust that seems to be on every surface of the house or maybe that’s just regular old dust.  I can’t believe I just wrote that…looking forward to cleaning. 

Who am I?

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