Monday, February 11, 2013

Small Tasks

The chaos that came with my lost (not really lost) keys from last Monday continued well into the week.  I paid the incorrect amount to the after school program, I calculated my time sheet incorrectly, etc.  The smallest tasks were challenging.

In a surprising turn of events, I ran 10k with a 9 minute pace.  My fastest ever!  Of course, the Garmin was probably malfunctioning.

Thankfully, this week is a lighter load.  My head is still cloudy, and I am still not sleeping well, but I know that will pass.

After a conversation I had with my mom last week, I do want to clear up a few things.

The first is that I do not have to-do lists around my house.  I think my mom is under the impression that I have multiple lists.  She said that I probably got that from her.  And then I started to wonder if everyone else thought the same.  I do make references to the “to-dos” a lot.  This doesn’t refer to a list though.  These are simply those activities that need to get done.  I don’t need to make a list to know that I need to do the dishes, put away the laundry or clean the bathroom.  Those tasks are constant.  Why bother with a list?

I do make grocery lists though.  I can’t operate without one.  I end up with a ton of produce and bread but no real food.  Well, maybe some lunch meat and cheese.  I do like to eat sandwiches.

The other issue to clear up is that I did not forget to pick up the Girl Scout cookies.  That was a dream/nightmare.  So if you were judging me because you thought that I forgot them, you can stop right now.  If you were judging me for eating a ton of cookies in one sitting, I suppose you can continue.

Thank goodness for the long weekend coming up. I know, I realize that it is only Monday, and I am looking forward to the weekend. My 8:30 bedtime last night conflicted with Downton Abbey, so I will have to catch up over the weekend.  I am also looking forward to clearing out some of the clutter that has been accumulating since the beginning of cookie sales.  Hopefully the ladies and I can get some crafting done.  I think all three of us have a few unfinished/not yet started projects.

And I just realized that the previous paragraph looks like a to-do list.  Hmm…I can picture my mom smiling as she is reading this post…

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