Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Incredibles

Billy likes to call Memorial Day weekend, Anniversary Weekend, even though our wedding anniversary sometimes doesn’t always fall on the holiday weekend.  We aren’t those people who make big plans for our anniversary.  We are pretty low key, in general.

We spent the weekend just hanging out with each other, the four of us.  To be honest, that’s pretty rare.  Billy isn’t a guy who likes to “hang out.”  He gets fidgety. 

But this weekend, he was still.  Maybe it was the full moon.

On our actual anniversary, after the kids went to bed, we stayed up late and talked.  Also something that we never do.  I wouldn’t really call it talking as much as laughing.  Hysterical laughing.

And something occurred to me.  This marriage better work out because we are just too weird for anyone else.

It reminded me of this.  Which I originally posted about my sister and her husband after he hacked her Pinterest account in what I call the funniest hack ever.

Isn’t this what life is about?  Finding people (friends, family) who you can be real with.  That’s the good stuff, after all. 

Work can be so emotionally draining that I often lose sight of that good stuff.  This weekend was all about celebrating this little family that Billy and I created.

Life is good.

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